Oct 19, 2016

I notice that.....

Assalamualaikum wbt..

I haven't write for quite some time.. well did few attempts to write, but it ends halfway.

Jadi nak diceritakan.. kehidupan saya sebagai pelajar sepenuh masa sebenarnya bakal berakhir dalam masa 2 bulan.. yup..

and i notice that:

I didn't do my best at all in my presentation. from the first sem until my last presentation last Mon. Yup, I'm very nervous, and i tend to read text.. or else i'll be speechless. but it was the biggest thing i should improve which i haven't improve at all.

huhu.. so I notice that i become sad. my heart started to fill with regret..

and I notice that sometimes i tend to blame others.. Oh my.. :(

hmm.. I notice that, those negative thoughts keep wandering around me.. and make me avoid changes.. in the end i still remain the same...

oh my.. I notice that while I'm writing this, i'm getting down and down... should i stop?

I notice that, i don't know what to do..

Duhig Library. 

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