Jan 6, 2016

Orang Ado-Ado


One of my goal this year is to continue writing in this blog. Not for collecting 'Like' as Facebook or Instagram but to release some burdensome in the heart. To share some thought, and some injustice feeling of my heart.. But firstly of course the problem is to be shared only to Allah. 

One of the things that I have been struggling is when i face an 'Orang ado-ado'. Who is 'Orang ado-ado' and where was this term came from? Maybe from the word 'berada'.

I've written so much here, and after i read it few times, it seems bad. So, who ever you are, be grateful. Allah created people differently, with different environment. Treat people nicely and life is not always with rainbows.

Well then, i just realize that how our mindset and life view is different. One goal, and how you treated things.. then, i found this article which had quite explained the situation.. it is nice to keep it and read once a while..


Later, I am starting to understand Han Se-kyung character in Cheongdamdong Alice. If you can't handle them, then be like them. But there is always a biiigggg real truth, as the people fate is in God's hand. No matter how good you plan your life is, He is always the best planner.

I'm starting to trust and belief my journey, even though sometimes you have this kind of doubt in your head. Then, somebody told me that it s good to make your goal written down, as whenever you seems to forgot or divert, you get reminded.

Let's pray for everyone health and good journey of life.. There's always an obstacle all the way through :)

p/s: btw, any comment or advice are welcome. I need to overcome this situation.. huhu.. 

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