Jan 18, 2016

A morning with a sore throat

Bila Allah beri kamu kesakitan,

Maka Dia tarik keceriaan di wajahmu,
Dia tarik nikmat kesihatan pada diri mu,
dan Dia tarik dosa-dosa pada dirimu.

Bila Allah tarik balik kesakitan pada dirimu,
Maka, Dia beri kembali keceriaan,
Kamu kembali sihat,
tetapi, dosa-dosamu kekal.

Maka, bersyukurlah saat diuji dengan kesakitan..

A sore throat prevent you from talking nonsense, while hurting legs prevent you from going to unnecessary places.

And, an additional number to your age, tells you that your life can end anytime. Be grateful of what you have, be nice to people around you. As you need 'amal' to accompany you in the grave.

10.53 am
UQ library

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