Apr 8, 2015

April 2015


Kini hampir 2 bulan berada di bumi Kanggaroo, Koala dan Platipus. Masih lagi dalam status menyesuaikan diri dengan suasana dan orang2nya.

Well, I admit that the introvert type is built inside which make it hard to socialize. Sometimes being pro-active and loud can be really tiring. Well I'm not that kind very much, although can be like one too. But it doesn't mean that I separated myself all the time. Maybe, it depends on who I'm with.

yup, until now, loneliness is still in the air, but i now start killing time instead of studying. *sigh*.

I always want to study oversea, to experience the life, new friends and student life again. but seems i forgot the most very important thing, to study, be here coz of Allah. I have to renew my intention.

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