Oct 16, 2012

How happy are you with your current work?

Setiap hari kini ibarat 'Monday Blues'. Even hari Selasa pun dh mcm blues..  Kalau minat buku Ujang tu cerpen Aku Hidup dalam Blues tu kre kawan karib lah.. Entah knape lah dikaitkab dengan blues n hidup. Happy n Sad tu kt mana yg boleh digambarkan pun xtau..
Then, one peaceful morning, 2 colleagues asked me .. What happiness rating would you give to your work as PO? PO tu gelaran bgi product marketer sbb sy bekerja di product house.. well.. my rating to the work itself is 8.. I bet, everyone should be happy n grateful with their work as it is 'given'.. it's my rizki.. if i'm not happy i won't ever come to work. And yet i'm realize happiness with will help u to improve urself and your productiviry.. walaupun pada hakikatnya kerjaya inj amat mengstresska krn perlu tolerate dgn berbagai-bagai ragam manusia dr pelbagai bidang. Yet.. the blame, comments all pksitive n negative will fall under u..
And if you asked again what happiness rating would you give to your current career/work again.. i would give 6. hahaha.. am I fair?
Because of Allah I'm able to get work n able to support my life.. the work is given by Allah.. even there ate less happiness inside, I should make myself comfortable with the work n make it happy as I have to survive with it.. k.
Alright. so here I am.. writing this blog in a panel clinic.
n what am i doing here? to get my result ony med checkup.. on how i survived at work clinically.

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