May 17, 2012

Speechless, Soundless and emotionless


Every day, every hours i would always remind myself that everything will be better. It's Ok if you feel that.. and it's fine if you're feeling like that..

every minutes and every second, please remind yourself to get hold with God..

I'm counting days and nights.. as going through a speechless, thoughtless day.. The days passed without saying goodbye and comes without greetings..

I'm wondering if I love enough, forgive enough, or useful enough? In the world full of selfishness, I'm wondering whether there's a friend could depend on? Cruel enough heh?

As the thoughtless day passed.. it had brought me to the emotionless period.. neither sad or happy, it's hard to recognize.. isn't you the one who chose this path?

Suddenly.. i miss the rain.. the cloud cries and wash your tears away..

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