Sep 20, 2010

LAst day aT hOme

Today (saturday, 18th) is the last day of my Raya leave in Taiping.. a bit sad coz i'll be leaving..

there's a lot things to do today... on Saturday 18th Sept. 2010. bake kuih ketayap.. cook spaghetti for my brother as promised the day before.. and cook begedil.. coz my father have bought a lot of potatoes and my mother keep complaining that her kitchen is already filled with food but my father keep on buying food stock.. and there's 2 wedding ceremony to be attended.

1.Congratulation kepada kawan sepermainan saya Rafidah.. kerana telah berjaya mendirikan masjid.. although she's a year younger than me... huhu.. teringat dulu2.. walaupun kita tak lah berapa kamceng tapi pernah la kita duduk bawah pokok dan sembang2, gelak ketawa..
we went to the same school and we live in the same neighbourhood.. Hope u live ur life to the fullest and kudoakan keberkatan Allah mengiringimu...

well.. I like ur dress,and your wedding theme... coz it PINK! hehehe.. n Nasi minyak mu sangat sedap..tak lupa juga kuah kacang dal, sambal belacan... dan kurma daging.. =)

2. Congratulation also to my mother's friend's daughter although i don't know her.. (1st time saw her in this wedding ceremony).. Moga barakah Allah bersama kalian.

3. thirdly.. congratulation to my Old friend.. Schoolmate.. smiling mate.. Ealyna Misman.. for being a bride.. on 19th September 2010.. huhu... Sorry I can't attend ur wedding ceremony.. And saya doakan juga agar perkahwinan ini mendapat barakah Allah..

Forthly... bila lah pula turn saya ni...

p/s: I love you Mak, Abah, brothers and sister. and not forgetting.. all my relatives..

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